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The Meaning of David Bowie


It has been interesting to see the meaning that people have been putting on David Bowie to their own lives today.  Hero, Rebel, Change, Rock N Roll are just a few of the meanings being thrown out there.  Here is the wonderful thing about art and artists – their meaning is personal.

David Bowie wrote about all of those words above.  So many tributes today, so many songs.  But the theme that comes through not only those tributes, but also through his work is this: Put it out there, just be, and take from it all what you will.  Well, of course that is what I take from it all.

Why all the hub bub about this guy?  Many other singers have come and gone and did not fill up FB like this.  Heck, he only had TWO number one singles in the USA (Fame, Let’s Dance). Never even had a #1 Album in the US (yeah, cuz the USA is somehow the standard of music).  So, why the ginormous amount of posts?

Obviously, I can only take a guess.  His music touched so many different area’s of life.  From our fascination with the space race in the 60’s with Space Oddity (see, see what he did there?), to facing how the world sees us with Changes, and Rebel Rebel, to crash courses in life with Young Americans and just so many more (Golden Years, Suffragette City, Fashion, Under Pressure) he took so many on a journey through life.

His art permeated much more than just his music though.  Just do a Google image search for David Bowie and you will see SO many different looks.  But on the inside, he was always the incomparable David Bowie with is dashingly cheeky British accent.

For me, the meaning that David Bowie provided was that it was okay to be different, if different is who you are.  There was no pretending in that.  He was all of these things, and none of them at the same time.  He didn’t fit a mold, so he just made his own.

I guess, as with any art or artist, it’s the meaning that we find in it for ourselves.  And with David Bowie – at least to me – he was really okay with that, which made it all that much more comfortable and meaningful.  RIP David Roger Jones – I knew you as David Bowie, and I cherish that.

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