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Snooze ya Looze – Or – Why Awareness of your Values is so Important



I’ve been wanting to go see Puddle’s Pity Party act for some time now.  He’s a singing comedic clown that has gotten the most attention with his videos with Postmodern Jukebox.  A couple of months ago the announcement came that he was coming to town.  I was quite excited.  I didn’t buy tix right way, but was pretty sure I would be soon.

Then, my finances kinda tanked (AAAAAgain).  Life of a contract entrepreneur. So, I hesitated. Like a lot.  I hemmed and hawed.  I let the fear of scarcity get to me.

Me: It’s only $100!
Scarcity: Yeah, well can you REALLY afford that right now?
Me: I probably shouldn’t, but it will be fun!
Scarcity: There will be another time.  And another time for fun things.
Me: Yeah, you’re right, I probably shouldn’t.
Fear: Besides, what if the kids actually hate it, then you spent $100 on something stupid.
Me: I didn’t think of that.  Boy, that would suck.

You can see where that all goes.  By the time I came to my senses and told fear to fuck off, the show was sold out.

This is why being connected fully to your values is so important. My values (especially with my kids) are: Find fun new things to experience, especially with other people (My friends Doug and  Brett are going) and just go DO THEM!  My values are what was talking to me when this first came up, but they got lost in the waves of fear.  When you are fully and mindfully connected to your values, they don’t get lost in those waves.  They are the lighthouse that guides you through the swells of fear.

The kids?  Well, I showed them some videos from online and they were laughing.  Another fear I let get to me.

This is not to say that scarcity, and responsibility aren’t a real thing that you need to listen to. No, far from that.  Living life large and fun is certainly a value that is big for me, but the key to that is perspective.  This is not a week long adventure in the Bahamas we are talking about. Just dropping dime on something like that right now would indeed be a much bigger risk than it is worth.  No, this was a hundred bucks.  I can DO that.  Perspective too got lost at sea.

I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  It’s just a lesson that I needed right now.  Stay in touch with your values, and keep perspective.  A lesson I am sure will come around again.  We’re not perfect, nor should we be.  We are just humans, doing our things, learning along the way.  I am really hoping there will be another time for Puddles.  Perhaps I will be better prepared for the waves then.

Peace to you all my friends!!!

2 thoughts on “Snooze ya Looze – Or – Why Awareness of your Values is so Important

  1. Deb

    Love this post! I agree. If it’s a full body yes I gotta take a tion before the fear wakes up!! I decided to detour my states visit this june from boston, theough new york and now to LA before going back to mexico so i can hit a conference in CA that I teally want to do. I can’t afford it. But I will figure ut out. Bought the event ticket and spent the day rearranging my points for miles – drip drip drip – it all adds up!!!

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