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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign. Are YOU paying attention?


A beat up hooptie flies past me at 40 miles an hour on my morning walk.  How do I know he was going 40?  The radar box sign the police put up is flashing 40 in red.  It’s a 25 mph zone in my little subdivision.  The driver totally ignores it and speeds on their way.

It shook me a bit, but I am much more vigilant about the cars these days because of the construction.  The intersection of two main roads is being widened (it needed it) and both those roads are closed.  If one does not pay attention to the “Road closed ahead” signs early on, they will get trapped in our little subdivision with nowhere to really go.  All exits lead back to the two closed roads, and they have to go around anyway.  I understand the frustration, and inconvenience.

There are no sidewalks here, so one can only ride, skate, walk, run in the street.  Typically not an issue in our quiet cove, but it is much more difficult with the massive influx of “lost” cars.

There are signs EVERYWHERE informing people to slow down, or what the speed limit is.  The cops patrol this area daily now, and even put up fake speed traps with uninhabited marked cop cars.  Speed limit signs are now highlighted with orange flags.  One cannot NOT know the limit these days.

Yet, there have been over 200 speeding tickets issued in 1.5 months, 3 major accidents, and a fatal rollover.  The signs are there, but people are JUST NOT PAYING ATTENTION!  It’s frustrating!  (and dangerous).

Why aren’t they paying attention?  I would speculate that they are:

  • Focused on something else
  • Frustrated with the inconvenience
  • In a hurry
  • Feeling a bit selfish
  • Too busy to
  • Simply don’t care

In her book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert talks about how ideas and creativity arrive in our lives by magic signs.  You can take that whole magic thing however you want, but I agree that we are often given directional signs in our lives.

But much like Jim Carrey in the movie Bruce Almighty, I think that the signs can be right in front of us and we still miss them.  Heck, we can be ASKING for a sign, and still miss them.  And why do we miss them?  For the same reasons above – we simply aren’t open to them.

  • We are more worried about money
  • Too busy at work or with other projects
  • Simply don’t believe them (if we even see them)
  • Our imposter syndrome gets in the way
  • Distract ourselves too much
  • While we might care, we aren’t using all of our senses to see

I certainly could list more and more, but you can fill in your own personal reasons.  The idea is, there are directional signs for our lives everywhere and we miss them.  How do we get beyond that? Taking personal pauses.  However that looks to you.

Walks, exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, talks; these are just some ways to pause and reach inside.  Listen to your inside (we seem to have lost a bit of that artform in this modern tech age). And what if you feel you are just too worn down, or too busy to do this?  Then it is ever more the reason you NEED to make the time.

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Peace my friends!

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