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One last chance to reflect




One last chance to reflect


I listen to the last chirps of the robins

As the wind rustles the first fallen leaves of Autumn

Most everything is still green14550905_1251224441584054_1590221048_o

But the trees know what is coming

To survive, they must stop what they have been doing

These warm “carefree days”

Hibernation time is soon, yet they have one last show for us

They must let go of all that they have worked so hard to produce

The extensions of themselves that help them to grow

That feeds their very soul every day

And as they shed these life giving fronds

A glorious rainbow of colors they will provide

It tis a wondrous beauty that has always been there

Hiding, masked by the work each leaf is tasked to do

We will wonder and reflect at the spectacle

Forgetting that the display is all too short

And the dankness of the stick cold winter is soon to arrive

We will joyously inhale the reminiscing scent of their decay

And it will remind us that of childhood dreams long past

The Cleome in the garden continue to grow and bloom


Somehow oblivious to the cold death they will soon face

The Marigolds know, so do the Sedum

They too are bursting with the last of their dazzling and glorious color


Within the month, the first frost will arrive

To choke out the last of their elegant life

Maybe mid October, but surly by November eighth

I have not yet passed by the office building I left five months ago

Now occupied by a growing and successful business

Do the bricks and walls even know the 13 years of life they took?

This business continues and I wonder what will become of me as this winter approaches

An unfamiliar chill encompasses my thoughts, yet the promise of a new spring still dawns

The trees must hibernate, and though certainly tempting I must not

I have dawdled long enough

The fire has been lit and the inspiration has called

May the winter provide enough fuel to keep the fire alive

As I take one last chance to reflect

Before the next chapter begins

I hope you MAKE the time to enjoy the season upon us, and to take the opportunity to reflect. Click To Tweet

Peace my friends!

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