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It’s FINALLY here!



The Rick Charlie site has finally arrived!  I’m so excited to start exploring life with you all, this has been just itching to come out!  It is time for me to get on with what I started and shelved 15 years ago – writing and speaking to make a difference in people’s lives!

I know, there is not much here yet, and please be patient as I learn more and more about this site-building/managing thing.  But in the days and weeks ahead I am hoping we will build something beautiful together.  Oh there will be mistakes, but that is actually not a bad thing!  It’s one of the best ways we learn!  The primary thing I ask is that we all be as true to ourselves as we can be, and to really be kind to one another!  So join me on this adventure, and let’s explore this wonderous thing called life.  Let’s make a difference that all the world can see!!!


Just for today, you can chew on this one thought:

Stop being in competition with yourself, and start being in collaboration with you.

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