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It doesn’t have to be big to have impact



“What is one small thing that you can do today that may help you achieve _______?”  If you have ever enlisted the service of a life/business/career… coach, you will inevitably hear that question (and most likely on your first encounter).  When you feel stuck, or lost in life or on a project, it really is a valuable little exercise to use on yourself to gain some leverage to move forward.  I find it best to actually make some quite alone time to do this.  Mind mapping can be a really effective way of doing this.  Just getting some things down on paper in some way, can often lead to ideas you may have never even considered before.


NONE of this was on my mind with a recent change that I made in my life, that has made all the difference in the world.  Like many people, my work life has changed drastically in the last several years.  What was once a 7 person team in an open concept room, has dwindled down to 2 people.  It used to be a bustling atmosphere of multiple people collaborating on multiple complex projects. We now have just the two of us working mostly on single projects, one each.  It is a totally different climate than I have been used to in the last 11 years, and I was not realizing it.


What I knew was that I felt very cranky and harried at work.  I knew that the changes that have occurred over the past few years were a part of that, but I just did not know of any way to effectively make things better.  I am not the boss, or a sales rep.  Did I really want to try and collaborate with the owner to try and effect some major breakthrough for the company?  Was that where I was supposed to utilize my talents?  GGGAAAHHH  I don’t know??!!!


So, what I did was I started listening to my body, and my head and using a bit of mindfulness, paid attention to the times I was most distraught at work.  Maybe I can at LEAST affect some change for me there.  And I did.  By making the time and paying attention, I came to the realization that the change in atmosphere from a busy flourishing colony with many different personalities to encounter in a single day, to one of just 2 drones crammed together into the corner of this large open space was stifling my abilities.  That and my own slight case of Misophonia.  <——— It was actually this tiny thing that sparked my idea.  I was not in a place where I could change the atmosphere back to the way it was, but what if I change the atmosphere completely.  I was acting like things were the same, and that was not working.


So, I made the grandiose transformation by moving my desk to the other side of the room, and it has made all the difference in the world!  I could live where I had been for the past 11 years because everything was all a buzz all the time.  I can work well in that environment.  But without that buzz of multiple people, what I now needed, and did not realize this about myself, was peace.  The same interaction with only one other person for 8 hours a day was making for a very grumpy R/C.  It has been just a week, and the peace and quiet over there is making all the difference in the world.  The effects have been almost instantaneous.  I am more productive, and receptive than I have been in a while.


This is not just in my work life, but it also transfers to my home life too.  One small change – moving my desk – has had a HUGE impact.

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2 thoughts on “It doesn’t have to be big to have impact

  1. Jennifer White

    This was lovely, Rick! Thank you for that. “I started listening to my body, and my head and using a bit of mindfulness, paid attention to the times I was most distraught at work. Maybe I can at LEAST affect some change for me there.” Needed this right now!

    1. RickCharlie Post author

      Woo HOO! I am glad there is something there you can use! J-O-B’s can be rough at times, but we often need them for a while to get to the other things we want. Hang in there GF, I hope you can find some space and peace!

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