Rick Charlie

Don’t trade Value for Productivity


I added value to my service yesterday by including extra detail the client did not specifically ask for.  I did it because I knew this information would be valuable to them, however that was not the only reason.  I did it because I had the time.

I wasn’t feeling rushed on “the next thing”.  I wasn’t strung out on a series of deadlines. Productivity and efficiency certainly have their place, however what we seem to have lost in the drive to more productivity is the real value in what we are doing in the first place.

When we scale past our ability to create discernible value to our clients, then we become just like the other guy.  This is the point where we begin to lose the why we are doing what we are doing.

Giving that extra value doesn’t take all that much, but we tend to forget about that card in our deck when we embrace productivity over value.  “Doing more with less” is the catchphrase of Corporate America at the moment.  The reality that seems to be happening is that we are just burning out those that gave us the favorable edge to begin with.  You can only wring out that sponge so many times before you yield anything useful.

Don’t trade value for productivity.  Your clients will appreciate it.  They will certainly remember it the next time a project comes up where you can serve their needs.  Maybe they will even take the time to thank you for it.  Mine did, and that is the type of client I always want to work with.

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