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Calm the F* Down for the Holidays!

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One of these days I’m going to collaborate with a musician and write a new Christmas song called “Calm the Fuck Down for the Holidays!”  And I will put it on repeat and play it every day starting the day after Thanksgiving as a reminder to myself, because I forget EVERY SINGLE YEAR!

It’s a week before Christmas, and despite my best efforts I’m feeling a bit tense.  It’s my own fault for feeling this way.  Everything has to be right, right?

I did the tree getting, and the light putting up and the decoration thingys.  I made the lists (OH MY GOD THE LISTS!!!), and made the time, and bought the stuff.  And here I am, the week before and feeling anxious, still not having it all done.  The plans seem all in order, but there is so much to do!

And right this very moment, I said I’m taking a moment.  Breathe, relax a second, and remember it’s okay.  Release the tension, and embrace the peace (well, the 10 min I have at the moment until the children return from school and we have plans at warp speed through the weekend).

But there it is again – That “OMG” voice.  The one that wants to freak out that there is too much to do!  So, today, and for the remaining days of this next 7, when the freak out monkey starts dancing and screaming in my head, I’m simply going to tell it to Fuck off!

Because Peace is always better.

It will get done in the time it needs to.

People will enjoy you more without the freak out monkey.

Put down the phone, and don’t record that Holiday thing, relax and enjoy the moment instead.

You can can do this!  Just breathe.

Be with the people, eat the yummy food, don’t worry if it’s perfect (They probably won’t notice anyway), the “tradition” does not have to happen for the world to be okay, calm the F* down, and feel the peace.

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One thought on “Calm the F* Down for the Holidays!

  1. Cindy Pury

    In other words, be happy and do things that bring you joy! Somehow we’ve turned the holidays in to days of obligations instead of fun. (We proudly have “lazy lights” in our yard and no tree as of yet. But it’s been fun!)

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